Us, Mora Hiking Club members always select the most astonishing places in the country to explore yet which has a considerable difficulty to reach. Out of all the hikes that we organized so far, this is something which gave us unforgettable memories. Bambarakanda reaches the top waterfalls list of Sri Lanka as common to everyone’s knowledge. It is not only due to the beauty, but also due to the height of the waterfall which makes it the tallest waterfall of Sri Lanka. The location of the waterfall is closer is closer to Rathnapura and NuwaraEliya district margins closer to Kalupahana area. Bambarakanda is a remarkable waterfall which is being admired b both local and foreign tourists. It is also known as Bambarakale waterfall and has a height of 863(263m) with the 299th position out of global waterfalls. The initiating point of the waterfall is Kuda Oya and later, it meets Walawe river along with the Belihul Oya.

If you are coming from Colombo, the best method will be to get Colombo – Badulla route (A4) and come to Belihul Oya passing Rathnapura, Balangoda area. Once you go several kilometres passing Pambahinna (Sabaragamuwa University), you can reach Kalupahana junction and within 02 km away from his, the waterfall is visible. As we usually initiate our journeys from University of Moratuwa, we chose the A4 route. If not, it is possible for you to come to Ohiya in the rail road and reach Kalupahana via Devil’s route as well. That route is somewhat difficult yet will be a fiesta for tourists and nature lovers. Either way, the maximum distance up to which a vehicle could come will be till the visible distance of the waterfall. In order to go to the waterfall premises, a ticket has to be taken which is of a small value for local tourists. It is possible to reach up to the pool area of the waterfall, via the concrete roads made by the government. You can choose the best route to reach there as per your preference. We started our journey around 3 o’clock in the morning and could reach the destination at around 8 o’clock in the morning. The main objective of the Mora Hiking Club is not only exploring. We always try to provide knowledge and expertise about the nature and how to take part in a quality hike through these activities. Prior to the journey was started, the expert hikers taught the new comers how to be prepared and be secured during the journey. Once small teams were decided upon, we initiated the journey.

The first pool of the waterfall can be reached by foot via the jungle road. Even though he height is large; the amount of water is low and thus the depth is also very low. Even this pool could have been used for bathing, yet the depth might not be sufficient. However, as per the vies of the villagers, during rainy seasons, this pool is to be filled up to a larger volume which covers the front stage area of the waterfall. For us to view the other section of the waterfall (only one side is visible to the access route), am adventurous route was to be taken. We could reach the upper part of the waterfall by walking up after taking a tight from the same route. We had to fins this route ourselves during the journey.

Despite the tremendous difficulty of the route, the breath-taking views around made out tiredness go away. The pool we found there was suitable for a bath and thus all of us had a nice bath in that place. The feelings it bought to us at that moment were so much memorable, even the remembrance of that coldness still brings us shivers. This area in the top of the waterfall is suitable for camping as well. Especially, it was evidenced that local tourists tried to go camping in Bambarakanda area enthusiastically. Even the road where the waterfall is visible is suitable for camping.

Another beautiful waterfall named Lanka Ella is situated in closer proximity to Bambarakanda. In order to see this, a right has to be taken from the first pool of the waterfall and walk for some distance. The lonely waterfall which is hidden in the woods adds more value to Bambarakanda falls as well. However, prompt care needs to be taken when bathing near this waterfall. As a responsible club, we always assure the security of members and only suitable places are chosen for bathing.

Both these waterfalls, Bambarakanda and Lanka Ella can be covered in one day and we could reach the university premises by night time. Please don’t forget only to take back memories once you come to visit these valuable wonders of mother nature.

Translated from Sinhala medium article by Mr. Sulochana Udawela